Damp Proofing & Property Maintenance condensation control positive input ventilation - piv Condensation in Hemel Hempstead

Office: 01442 211826 

Dean:  07958 722 208

Amie:  07984 758 291 Damp in Hemel Hempstead penetrating damp treatment in Hemel Hempstead



We are based in Hemel Hempstead and supply our services to an area of approximately a 10 mile radius. 

LU1 Luton, Luton (6.8 miles)
HP5 Hawridge, Chesham (6.8 miles)
LU5 Townsend Industrial Estate, Dunstable (6.8 miles)
LU1 East Hyde, Luton (6.8 miles)
WD4 Bucks Hill, Kings Langley (7 miles)
LU5 Woodside Estate, Dunstable (7.2 miles)
HP5 Ley Hill, Chesham (7.2 miles)
AL2 St Albans, St. Albans (7.6 miles)
AL4 St Albans, St. Albans (7.6 miles)
HP23 Bulbourne, Tring (7.7 miles)
LU6 Northall, Dunstable (7.7 miles)
LU3 Luton, Luton (7.7 miles)
HP23 Wilstone Green, Tring (7.8 miles)
WD25 Leavesden, Watford (7.8 miles)
AL3 St Albans, St. Albans (7.8 miles)
AL1 St Albans, St. Albans (7.8 miles)
HP23 Aldbury, Tring (7.9 miles)
HP23 Wigginton, Tring (7.9 miles)
HP23 Cholesbury, Tring (7.9 miles)
HP5 Bellingdon, Chesham (7.9 miles)
AL3 Porters Wood, St. Albans (7.9 miles)
LU6 Sewell, Dunstable (7.9 miles)
LU2 London Luton Airport, Luton (8 miles)
LU4 Leagrave, Luton (8 miles)
LU5 Bidwell, Dunstable (8.1 miles)
LU2 Lawrence End, Luton (8.1 miles)
HP5 Braziers End, Chesham (8.1 miles)
LU5 Houghton Regis, Dunstable (8.2 miles)
LU5 Toddington, Dunstable (8.2 miles)
AL2 Bricket Wood, St. Albans (8.2 miles)
LU5 Dunstable, Dunstable (8.2 miles)
AL3 Sandridgebury, St. Albans (8.2 miles)
WD3 Chandlers Cross, Rickmansworth (8.3 miles)
HP5 Asheridge, Chesham (8.3 miles)
LU4 Luton, Luton (8.3 miles)
AL2 Park Street, St. Albans (8.5 miles)
WD24 Watford, Watford (8.6 miles)
HP23 Hastoe, Tring (8.6 miles)
HP5 Chartridge, Chesham (8.6 miles)
HP5 Chesham, Chesham (8.6 miles)
HP23 Little Tring, Tring (8.6 miles)
AL2 London Colney, St. Albans (8.6 miles)
HP23 Tringford, Tring (8.7 miles)
AL3 Sandridge, St. Albans (8.7 miles)
LU5 Thorn, Dunstable (8.7 miles)
HP23 Buckland Common, Tring (8.7 miles)
HP23 West Leith, Tring (8.8 miles)
HP23 Miswell, Tring (8.8 miles)
LU2 Streatley, Luton (8.9 miles)
HP6 Amersham, Amersham (8.9 miles)
LU2 Luton, Luton (8.9 miles)
LU2 Wandon Green, Luton (9 miles)

Coverage Area

Some of the ares we cover, If you don't see your area below please contact us. Coverage areas in Hemel Hempstead Ranguard in Hemel Hempstead

HP2 Bridens Camp, Hemel Hempstead (0 miles)
HP1 Water End, Hemel Hempstead (0.6 miles)
HP2 Great Gaddesden, Hemel Hempstead (0.9 miles)
HP2 Gaddesden Row, Hemel Hempstead (1.1 miles)
HP1 Great Gaddesden, Hemel Hempstead (1.3 miles)
HP1 Nettleden, Hemel Hempstead (1.3 miles)
HP2 Piccotts End, Hemel Hempstead (1.4 miles)
HP4 Dagnall, Berkhamsted (1.5 miles)
HP1 Piccotts End, Hemel Hempstead (1.5 miles)
HP1 Frithsden, Hemel Hempstead (2.1 miles)
HP4 Frithsden, Berkhamsted (2.7 miles)
HP4 Little Heath, Berkhamsted (2.7 miles)
HP2 Hemel Hempstead Industrial Estate, Hemel Hempstead (2.8 miles)
HP1 Hemel Hempstead, Hemel Hempstead (2.9 miles)
HP2 Hemel Hempstead, Hemel Hempstead (2.9 miles)
AL3 Markyate, St. Albans (3 miles)
AL3 Flamstead, St. Albans (3 miles)
HP2 Paradise Industrial Estate, Hemel Hempstead (3.1 miles)
HP4 Berkhamsted, Berkhamsted (3.2 miles)
HP4 Potten End, Berkhamsted (3.2 miles)
HP1 Winkwell, Hemel Hempstead (3.3 miles)
HP4 Little Gaddesden, Berkhamsted (3.6 miles)
HP4 Northchurch, Berkhamsted (3.6 miles)
AL3 Redbourn, St. Albans (3.7 miles)
HP3 Hemel Hempstead, Hemel Hempstead (3.9 miles)
HP3 Felden, Hemel Hempstead (4 miles)
HP4 Ringshall, Berkhamsted (4.1 miles)
LU1 Pepperstock, Luton (4.1 miles)
HP3 Shendish, Hemel Hempstead (4.4 miles)
LU1 Aley Green, Luton (4.6 miles)
HP3 Nash Mills, Hemel Hempstead (4.7 miles)
LU1 Slip End, Luton (5.1 miles)
LU1 Lower Woodside, Luton (5.1 miles)
HP3 Pimlico, Hemel Hempstead (5.2 miles)
LU6 Dunstable, Dunstable (5.3 miles)
WD4 Kings Langley, Kings Langley (5.3 miles)
WD4 Chipperfield, Kings Langley (5.3 miles)
LU1 Woodside, Luton (5.3 miles)
WD4 Hunton Bridge, Kings Langley (5.3 miles)
HP4 Dudswell, Berkhamsted (5.3 miles)
LU1 Caddington, Luton (5.4 miles)
LU6 Kensworth, Dunstable (5.4 miles)
LU6 Eaton Bray, Dunstable (5.4 miles)
LU6 Studham, Dunstable (5.4 miles)
LU6 Totternhoe, Dunstable (5.4 miles)
LU1 Skimpot, Luton (5.4 miles)
LU6 Whipsnade, Dunstable (5.4 miles)
LU6 Edlesborough, Dunstable (5.5 miles)
HP3 Bovingdon, Hemel Hempstead (5.7 miles)
HP23 Cow Roast, Tring (5.8 miles)
WD5 Bedmond, Abbots Langley (6.1 miles)
AL2 Potters Crouch, St. Albans (6.3 miles)
HP5 Whelpley Hill, Chesham (6.3 miles)
HP23 New Ground, Tring (6.3 miles)
HP5 Ashley Green, Chesham (6.3 miles)
HP5 Latimer, Chesham (6.3 miles)
HP5 Orchard Leigh, Chesham (6.3 miles)
HP23 Northfield, Tring (6.5 miles)
HP5 Lye Green, Chesham (6.5 miles)
AL3 Childwickbury, St. Albans (6.6 miles)
AL5 Harpenden, Harpenden (6.7 miles)
HP3 Flaunden, Hemel Hempstead (6.7 miles)
AL3 Gorhambury, St. Albans (6.8 miles)
WD5 Abbots Langley, Abbots Langley (6.8 miles)

WD25 Watford, Watford (9 miles)
AL2 Frogmore, St. Albans (9.1 miles)
AL2 Napsbury, St. Albans (9.1 miles)
HP23 Terriers End, Tring (9.1 miles)
LU2 Winch Hill, Luton (9.2 miles)
LU2 Wandon End, Luton (9.2 miles)
AL4 Marshalswick, St. Albans (9.2 miles)
HP6 Little Chalfont, Amersham (9.2 miles)
HP7 Little Chalfont, Amersham (9.2 miles)
AL4 Wheathampstead, St. Albans (9.3 miles)
HP23 Hanghill, Tring (9.3 miles)
HP23 Painesend, Tring (9.3 miles)
HP23 Drayton Holloway, Tring (9.3 miles)
WD3 Loudwater, Rickmansworth (9.3 miles)
LU4 Chalton, Luton (9.3 miles)
LU3 Streatley, Luton (9.4 miles)
HP5 Pednor, Chesham (9.4 miles)
LU7 Horton, Leighton Buzzard (9.4 miles)
WD3 Chenies, Rickmansworth (9.4 miles)
WD3 Sarratt, Rickmansworth (9.4 miles)
HP23 St Leonards, Tring (9.4 miles)
AL4 Sandridge, St. Albans (9.4 miles)
HP23 Dancers End, Tring (9.5 miles)
AL2 Colney Street, St. Albans (9.5 miles)
HP6 Hyde Heath, Amersham (9.5 miles)
HP6 Chesham Bois, Amersham (9.5 miles)
WD3 Croxley Green, Rickmansworth (9.5 miles)
HP23 Gubblecote, Tring (9.6 miles)
HP23 Wilstone, Tring (9.6 miles)
LU7 Tilsworth, Leighton Buzzard (9.6 miles)
LU7 Cheddington, Leighton Buzzard (9.6 miles)
LU7 Briggington, Leighton Buzzard (9.6 miles)
LU7 Hockliffe, Leighton Buzzard (9.6 miles)
LU7 Stanbridge, Leighton Buzzard (9.6 miles)
LU7 Pitstone, Leighton Buzzard (9.6 miles)
LU7 Ivinghoe, Leighton Buzzard (9.6 miles)
LU7 Eggington, Leighton Buzzard (9.6 miles)
LU7 Slapton, Leighton Buzzard (9.6 miles)
LU7 Tebworth, Leighton Buzzard (9.6 miles)
LU3 Sundon, Luton (9.7 miles)
LU2 East Hyde, Luton (9.8 miles)
LU2 Peters Green, Luton (9.8 miles)
LU2 Cockernhoe, Luton (9.8 miles)
LU2 The Hyde, Luton (9.8 miles)
LU3 Lower Sundon, Luton (9.8 miles)
LU2 Lilley, Luton (9.8 miles)
LU2 Chiltern Green, Luton (9.8 miles)
LU2 Tea Green, Luton (9.8 miles)
AL4 Oaklands, St. Albans (9.9 miles)
HP23 Chivery, Tring (9.9 miles)
HP16 Hyde Heath, Great Missenden (9.9 miles)