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Re-Pointing & Brickwork

Hear at Ranguard we offer a variety of wall protection for your property. Exterior Wall Protection in Hemel Hempstead painting

New Render and Exterior Painting

Exterior Wall Protection

Cracked and Blown Render

The main walls in your home perform two main functions: one to hold the building up and two to keep the natural elements where they belong outside. If a wall has faulty blown or cracked render or gaps in brickwork mortar the natural elements can start to make their way inside, causingpenetrating damp in your property.

Make sure your walls are protected!


The render on your property is acting as a protective layer over the brickwork, it is on the front line battling the natural elements and over time can bulge or crack. This is usually caused by frost and water damage through small hairline cracks that render has a tendency to develop over time. 


Gaps in the brickwork mortar is naturally caused over time by weathering and decay. The main problem with this is water and damp can get between the brickwork causing long term damage to your home.

Sealing Hairline Cracks:

Sealing the hair line crack in render to prevent bulging and cracking.

Exterior Painting:

Painting the render on your property will not only make the appearance of your home more attractive, it will also offer a layer of protection.