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Whether you are looking to protect your home from water damage or  you want to transform the look of your property, we will supply and fit to the highest standards.

Full Replacement or Capping?

At Ranguard we pride ourselves on our quality of workmanship, honesty and reliability to our customers.

You may have looked at other companies who only offer full Fascia's and Soffits replacement, but hear at Ranguard we can offer you both options if the condition of your roof is agreeable. We will carry out a full inspection of your roofline in order to recommend the best process for you.

A full replacement

This is the best possible solution if any infestation or large areas of rot are found in your existing wooden fascia's, this will include the very top of the existing fascia's boards which could have been affected from lack of tile or slate cover into your gutters.

A full replacement includes the removal of all the existing wooden fascias & soffits and replacing them with UPVC, At Ranguard we always make sure that the vitally correct installation techniques are used to maintain the long term roof strength of your property.

Full Replacement

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Fascias and Soffits

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Capping, also known as over-boarding, to your existing Fascia's and soffits with UPVC is the perfect solution if you would like to Transform the look of your property and never have to paint again it will give you decades of trouble free service. At Ranguard we fully inspect your  wooden fascia's and soffits for any areas of rot or infestation. Small area of rot can be replaced with matching timber, treated, then capped over without any problems.